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iComputeBetter.com features reviews of non-fiction books. Primary subjects include web design, social media, Linux and other free software. How-to articles for popular tech related subjects as well as commentary posts can also be found.

Review Policy

As a rule I only review books with subject matter that holds some interest for me. While it may appear that I award books a high rating, this is often the result of my initial interest in the subject matter. Others may not share my opinion and that is to be expected. I simply do not bother reading books that I am not interested in. You will find no reviews for proprietary operating systems or their associated software. I have used Linux and open source software exclusively for the past 5 years and see no reason to do otherwise. Others may not agree. To each, his or her own applies in this regard. Reviews will indicate if I purchased the book or was provided a copy for review purposes.

Thanks for stopping by this site. I hope you will find something of interest and return again.
J.W. Rine