Being Geek The Software Developer’s Career Handbook

By Michael Lopp

Being Geek book jacket photo

Being Geek

Michael Lopp is a Silicon Valley insider. In Being Geek, he used his considerable writing talent to tell a story about life as a geek in the valley. The geek has been reverse engineered and presented in hand book form for those of us that like things to happen in an orderly predictable fashion.

I found Being Geek to be an enjoyable read. While most of us will never be software engineers, there is still much information to be gleaned from reading this book. Section Two is about deconstructing management. Dealing with the various personalities found in the corporate culture can be challenging. Michael walks the reader through this minefield of potential catastrophe with finesse and humor.

I particularly enjoyed Section 3: Your Daily Toolkit. The methodology used to map out the day and to challenge one’s self were quite helpful. The Trickle List presents a method to strategically advance your career with small consistent investments of time.

The personal insights shared in Being Geek made me think of Michael as a guy that I could relate to. Information is shared from genuine point of view rather than being pontificated from on high. I think this book is a success and find myself hoping that Michael will share more in the future.

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