Building the Perfect PC, Third Edition

by Robert Bruce Thompson and Barbara Fritchman Thompson

Building the Perfect PC, Third Edition cover photo

Building the Perfect PC, Third Edition

A mass market PC is made up of compromises that tend to favor the manufacturers bottom line at the expense of component quality. In Building the Perfect PC – Third Edition, the authors walk you through the steps of constructing six different types of systems. In each instance, they explain their component choices and provide alternative options that one might choose in the parts procurement process.

Building a PC is not as hard as it sounds. This book provides a number of excellent tips along with clear photographs illustrating techniques used during the build process. The authors present a chart ranking the different criteria selected for each of the example machines and discuss the reasons behind their selections. This is a valuable method that can be adapted to whatever type of computer you choose to build for yourself. The build tips that come from years of experience are very helpful.

Even though I have experience building my own systems, I found much useful knowledge in this book and enjoyed reading it from cover to cover. If you would like to jump into a building your own computer, this book will provide valuable insight into the process. Consider this book to be a guide rather than a step by step assembly manual and your projects will be less likely to frustrate you in the event you are lacking a cable or come up against other unforeseen circumstances at build time.

I received a free ebook copy for review purposes

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