Capture Digital Photography Essentials

by Glenn Rand, Christopher Broughton, Amanda Quintenz-Fiedler

Capture, Digital  Photography Essentials cover photo

Capture, Digital Photography Essentials

Photography is an art that has continued to evolve with the discovery of new techniques for capturing images. Digital photography is the latest step in the evolutionary path of photography. Creating images still requires the photographer to understand composure, light, and exposure. The digital photographer also must understand and compensate for the nuances of the equipment, just like the film photographer. Whether you are a digital native or digital immigrant, Capture will explain the techniques used in image creation.

I particularly enjoyed that this book discussed theory rather than the mechanics of any one brand or type of camera. Cameras were classified as consumer, prosumer, and professional. The classifications were helpful in distinguishing equipment differences. The chapter on Sensors enabled me to make a diagnosis of a failing sensor in my consumer grade point and click camera. Understanding how a sensor is constructed and how it works allowed me to understand why my images were exhibiting an undesirable result with certain light conditions.

Capture has much useful information and many great photographs illustrating the points made in the text. Some photographs were captioned to illustrate steps or mid points in a discussion while others were clearly great examples of the accompanying text, no caption needed. I liked this book and would recommend it for anyone interested in understanding digital photography.

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Disclosure: I received a free ebook copy for review purposes.