Data Source Handbook

by Pete Warden

data source handbook cover photo

Data Source Handbook

Data Source Handbook is a quick reference guide for developers working with open data on the web. Pete Warden has outlined 4 benchmarks for including a data source in his guide. Further organization is accomplished by categorizing the selected API’s by subject matter.

For the listed data sources the author has included notes on any specifics that might be of interest. Such things as rate limits, costs for metered data retrieval and terms of service that are overly restrictive are notated when applicable. While the book provides a short summary of each service there are numerous links that lead to more in depth information. For developers using open API’s to access data this book will provide a valuable quick reference. It should be noted that this book requires programming knowledge to be useful. Familiarity with REST, JSON and XML are going to be prerequisites to utilizing the potential in the Data Source Handbook. For those within the scope of the target audience, developers and programmers, this book will be a useful tool. It is not a tutorial on the subject of open API’s. However, for developers needing a quick overview, this is a good choice.

Disclosure: I received a free ebook copy for review purposes.

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