Facebook: The Missing Manual, 3rd Ed.

By: E. A. Vander Veer

Facebook: The Missing Manual, 3rd Ed. Cover photoFacebook is not known for a user friendly interface design. While it’s difficulty may lend a level of cachet to mastering it’s nuances, frustration is not far away when you are new to the site. There are two ways to learn Facebook. Spend hours on the site clicking links and finding hidden navigational features two or 3 levels down the click-stream, or read Facebook: The Missing Manual, Third Edition. This book does a good job uncovering all those not so easily apparent features that makes Facebook appeal to so many users.

This book is geared toward the Facebook user rather than the marketer or developer. It does a nice job of providing examples, click by click directions and references to related material found in other sections of book. The major topics are covered along with advice that you help you from making a blunder that might lead to problems later. Perhaps you would like to use Facebook to land a job. This book can help you deal with setting individual privacy level on various types of content, segmenting your friends list and more. If you want to move from the casual Facebook user to a higher level of understanding and mastery the site, this book will be very beneficial.

Disclosure: I recieved a free e-book copy for review purposes

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