Great Bash

by Carl Albing

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Great Bash Video

The shell is a user interface on a Unix type operating system. It allows the user to communicate with the system via the keyboard and the display. The shell is where the magic happens when it comes to getting the most from a Unix, Linux, or Mac operating system. Bash is an acronym for the Bourne Again Shell. Using shell scripts can automate many tasks when it comes to working with files and data. The video, Great Bash, by Carl Albing will have you writing shell scripts from the beginning, with increasing complexity as the video progresses.

I found this video to be very helpful in learning the basics of shell scripting. The video demonstrates scripting and it’s expected or sometimes unexpected outputs. Starting with basic commands the video takes the viewer through decision making and variables. Script flow control, input, output and redirection are explained. I started and stopped the video many times as I worked through the examples. I would recommend this video as an accompaniment to books on the subject of Bash scripting. I watched the video on the website and it worked well. My Fedora Linux system lacks the needed codec for viewing the mp4 video download. It would be helpful if the video were also available in one of the open source formats. Learn more about Great Bash, by Carl Albing

Disclosure: I received a free copy for review purposes.