Learning to Photograph – Volume 1

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Learning to Photograph – Volume 1
Camera, Equipment, and Basic Photographic Techniques
By Cora Banek, Georg Banek
Publisher: Rocky Nook
Released: August 2013
Pages: 256

Learning to Photograph – Volume 1 covers the basics of camera operation and how photographs are produced. The subject matter is quite detailed. Photography is a art as well as a science. The science of photography concerns the mathematics of lens construction, exposure and light. The art involves the interpretation of an image by the photographer. Before one can create the art, an understanding of the science is necessary. This book does an excellent job detailing the science and theory of cameras and photography.

I found this book to be very informative. A camera is a tool to reach a desired end, that of preserving an image, a moment in time. Understanding how to use the tool and how it functions will allow the photographer to expand their skills and create better images. This book is a very good text for learning camera operation and the mechanics of photography.

The parts of a camera work in harmony to control the light reaching the media, be it a digital sensor or film, to create the image. This book explains how these parts interact with one another to create images. I found the mathematics used in camera design to be of interest and something I had not stopped to think about before reading this book. The relationship of the various systems in a camera is quite complex, but can be valuable to understand when it comes to image creation.

I would recommend this book to anyone that wants to move beyond simple point and shoot snapshots with their camera. The material is well illustrated with many photographs. It is arranged in a logical order and I look forward to reading the 2nd volume of this work.

This book can be purchased at Learning to Photograph – O’Reilly Media and also at Amazon.com

Disclosure: I received a free e-book copy for review.