Make: Technology on Your Time, Vol. 33

Make: Technology on Your Time, Volume 33, cover photo Make: Technology on Your Time Volume 33
By Mark Frauenfelder
Publisher: O’Reilly Media / Make
Released: January 2013
Pages: 160

Make magazine is always a favorite publication to read. Featured projects and articles span a wide range of interests. The publisher does an excellent job of keeping things balanced and interesting. Makers have a large collective skill set. Some are more comfortable with a soldering iron while others may make sawdust fly or manipulate pixels at the keyboard. Others may dabble in multiple fields. Make is the community that bridges the divide and keeps everyone entertained and inspired.

Make Volume 33 contained several articles I would rate as favorites. For the joy of reading, I liked ‘Victorian Microtech’ an article about restoring antique pocket watches. The cover article, ‘Hack the Track’ a story about modifying and racing battery powered toy vehicles was very entertaining. The racing event looks like it would be a great way to enjoy a sunny day. As a woodworker, I liked the articles on CNC panel joinery and laser cutting plywood.

There a many more projects and articles in Volume 33. I would recommend this publication to all who enjoy creating things. You can learn more at Make: Technology on Your Time, Volume 33, O’Reilly Media. It is also available from

Disclosure: I received a free ebook copy for review.