Arch Linux Environment Setup How-to

Arch Linux Environment Setup How-to book cover photoArch Linux Environment Setup How-to
By Ike Devolder
Publisher: Packt Publishing
Final Release Date: November 2012
Pages: 68

Arch Linux is seldom the first choice for a newcomer to the Linux world. Testing the waters with Linux often involves distributions that have point and click installation interfaces. Upon completion, the user has a system with a desktop, some office programs and basic utilities.

Users tired of accepting compromise gravitate toward Arch Linux after gaining command line skills. Arch Linux is a rolling release Linux distribution (see Wikipedia). Arch has 5 core principles. They are simplicity, code correctness over convenience, openness,freedom, and it’s user-centric. Arch is what you make it. A successful installation is a command prompt. What you do from there is up to you.

For this book review I decided to do a fresh install on my net-book. My installation was successful. I found the Arch Linux Environment Setup How-to, by Ike Devolder, to be a helpful guide for installing Arch Linux. The Arch Wiki is still the definitive resource for Arch. Other sources of useful knowledge can be found in the Arch forums, Google +, and YouTube. This guide is another tool to go in the Arch tool box. It does not replace any of the other tools. It complements those tools with additional information. Since the book is not long, I would recommend reading the complete chapter before trying to follow along with the steps. Detailed information often comes later in the chapter. Using a search engine and the wiki should be the first response to any questions that arise. There will be questions.

I would recommend this book for those interested in using Arch Linux. It does a good job of explaining the Arch philosophy and complements the other Arch resources. A guide points the direction and sets you on the right path. You will still have to make the steps to complete the journey. Thanks to Ike Devolder for his efforts.

This book can be found at O’Reilly Media Arch Linux Environment Setup How-to

Disclosure: I received a free e-book copy for review.