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J. Rine

I Compute Better started out of a desire to share my knowledge about the Internet with newcomers to the world wide web. I enjoy helping others discover the wonder and amazement that can be found in with a ‘connected’ digital experience.

The Internet is a vast collection of knowledge. Some of it good and some not so good. Just like any major metropolitan area, finding your way around can be difficult and at times dangerous. This site tries to provide help along the way in your Internet journey.

There are many different operating systems and hardware configurations one could use to access the web. I will not be providing detailed information that is specific to any one make or brand of software or hardware. Rather this site hopes to provide general usage information that is not solely dependent on a particular brand, or software version. I will leave it up to you to learn your particular equipment.

My computer experience goes back over twenty years. I hold a CompTIA A+ certification in computer repair and Certificates of Professional Development from O’Reilly School of Technology in Web Programming, Client Side Web Programming, and Php / SQL Programming.

I hope you find my information helpful.
Thank you,
Jeffery Rine