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Capture the Magic

Capture the Magic book cover photographCapture the Magic
Train Your Eye, Improve Your Photographic Composition
By Jack Dykinga
Publisher: Rocky Nook
Released: November 2013
Pages: 188

Capture the Magic by renowned nature photographer, Jack Dykinga, is a joy to read. The book puts forth the premise that photography is a form of communication. In order to effectively communicate, the photographer needs to understand the constructs of the language. Continue reading

Learning to Photograph – Volume 1

learning to photograph volume 1 book jacket photo

Learning to Photograph – Volume 1
Camera, Equipment, and Basic Photographic Techniques
By Cora Banek, Georg Banek
Publisher: Rocky Nook
Released: August 2013
Pages: 256

Learning to Photograph – Volume 1 covers the basics of camera operation and how photographs are produced. The subject matter is quite detailed. Photography is a art as well as a science. The science of photography concerns the mathematics of lens construction, exposure and light. The art involves the interpretation of an image by the photographer. Before one can create the art, an understanding of the science is necessary. This book does an excellent job detailing the science and theory of cameras and photography. Continue reading